Headed to San Antonio, TX for the #btcawards in August because my work was nominated for a @behindthechair award. One of my short haircuts made it into the TOP 5, I received a ton of free education, and made a ton of new industry friends. I had such a great time, and hope to return again next year.



I'm back from the Cosmoprof #ltcawards - an award show featuring 15 categories of cosmetology, where licensed professionals can become nominated through their featured work. The nominees are elected by Cosmoprof from all over the country, and I was nominated for "best updo" and attended the award ceremony in Orlando, Florida. I feel so thankful for the opportunities and doors that have opened through being apart of this amazing industry. I got to meet so many successful people who I hope to emulate in the years to come. I hope to continue moving forward and growing into a better artist, and seeing how far I can take it in this career.




In celebration of making it this far, I wanted to reinvest in my business and give back to my clients by providing a better experience! Therefore, I have officially closed my doors at the Catonsville location, and have reopened them in Timonium, Maryland! At my new location you can enjoy beverages, snacks, wifi, and television upon your appointment, along with all of your favorite hair services in a newly renovated, designed, and larger space! 

The new space includes all new amenities, waiting areas, easy parking, and an electronic directory upon entering to help you locate my suite! I also welcome my new roommate Margaux! I've truly missed working along side other members in my industry, so I was so excited when she accepted my offer to move in! Yes! Company!  - Margaux is not an assistant nor an employee, and runs her own business. We are just happy to converse and work within the same space! - Any inquiries for my business including costs, product, hours, or compensation should still continue to be separate and directed toward me! 

The new space includes all new amenities, waiting areas, easy parking, and an electronic directory upon entering to help you locate my suite! I also welcome my new roommate Margaux! I've truly missed working along side other members in my industry, so I was so excited when she accepted my offer to move in! Yes! Company!  - Margaux is not an assistant nor an employee, and runs her own business. We are just happy to converse and work within the same space! - Any inquiries for my business including costs, product, hours, or compensation should still continue to be separate and directed toward me! 

Thank you to all of my clients who have followed and remained loyal! You all are the reason I can do this. Without you, I'm done. Every appointment you book and receive, you're investing into my dream, and I promise to always reinvest in you, and give back when possible. My hope is that my next jump will be into a full service salon - providing you all with larger scale luxuries and experiences. I want to build, decorate, and create a unique space you can't wait to visit, that can be your home away from home. My other hope is for all of us to look back and laugh one day, of a distant time of when, "I worked out of that really tiny room next to the chicken place." I receive no financial help from family members or any corner of the world for that matter. You all are literally apart of the "come-up" for me, thank you for letting me be successful and making this possible. 


I put together my second quick video for the brand Lime Crime Makeup, highlighting their newest additions to the color line - "mute" and "dilute." I love using different creative outlets to showcase various hair and makeup looks. 

This is my second video ever, and also my first go at using their new tone enhancers/diluters so I wasn't 100% on the outcome, but I had faith and loved the turnout! 


I recently worked on the Baltimore Magazine fall fashion issue, applying several editorial makeup applications to this year's gorgeous model. I'm really excited to see how these images translate after all of the post production work is finalized and published. 


I will also be featured in the Contributors section in the October issue of the magazine, where I talk a little about myself and the work that went into this shoot. It's been amazing developing a great relationship with this magazine. I'm so grateful for all of the opportunities and jobs they have sent my way. It constantly reaffirms how important it is to constantly put your work out there. Take the extra time to document and share your best work as an artist. I was able to begin this part of my career because a beauty editor at the magazine reached out to me after seeing my Instagram and voting me into the 'Best of Baltimore.' Being humble, working hard to elevate others, and documenting that work is so important for branding and scaling business in a real life way. 



This month I was given the opportunity to answer a couple of questions for a beauty segment in this year's 'Best of Baltimore' Magazine issue. I kept my answers short and casual, but I highly recommend reading my blog entry on going blonde if you want more detailed information on what that process entails. 


The August issue of the magazine also highlighted this year's choices for the 'best' businesses and individuals leading the Baltimore beauty industry. Although my year as a winner is officially over, the magazine brought me back as an ambassador for 2017! Now I'll be sharing my favorite Baltimore and city beauty picks outside of my own services!

FullSizeRender 19.jpg

Following the release of the August issue was the Magazine's annual 'Best of Baltimore Party.' This year I wanted to give lash extensions another shot. I had a previous experience with lash extensions that was less than standard. If you are my client, I've probably told you my crazy story that ended with my eyes feeling like they were lit on fire anytime my face touched water. Weird, right? It was. So you can imagine the stress I felt when deciding to give it another try. Luckily for me, my friend Hannah (instagram: hashtaghannah_pmu), works at 'The Loft: BROW LASH SKIN' - Voted Baltimore's best lash & brow salon. Hannah hooked my lash extensions up in the cutest hidden space in downtown Baltimore. Not only are my lashes comfortable (NO BURNING AT ALL THIS TIME!), they look great, and the atmosphere of 'The Loft' is pinterest worthy. I can definitely see myself coming through on a day off, coffee in hand, and spending the morning putting myself back together. 


Following my great lash experience, I attended the 'Best of Baltimore' party with my favorite lash expert! This year included food catered by Baltimore's best restaurants, top shelf drinks, photo booths, dancing, and so many bubbles! All of the top industry leaders and vendors were gathered together in one night to celebrate what makes this city great. If you missed the party this year, be sure to catch it next summer! 


Lime Crime Makeup came out with their own line of hair color called, "Unicorn Hair."

After being contacted by one of their representatives through e-mail, I was immediately shipped their new color line before the launch to test and promote. 

My thoughts: I do like the line. None of my clients experienced irritation and I had no trouble removing pigment stains upon my clients returning after their first test run. Interestingly enough, some colors retained a 6-8 week life span. SOME of the colors. Other tones, like bunny, are so faint, beautiful, but barely a deposit. Therefore, barely a lifespan. The colors are interchangeable and it has a decent consistency. 

I also want to point out that this hair color is available to everyone/anyone. This is not a professional line. Most people are unaware that certain states have been trying to deregulate cosmetology licenses. Anyone who does hair knows how ridiculous a ban on license regulation would be, and the ripple effect it would have on clients. I made this video to not only promote lime crime, but to also show consumers what is possible if you take your lime crime color to your stylist, instead of just plopping it on your own head. (We've all seen the do-it-yourself videos, don't be a victim) No mess, clean walls, no splatter, all of the dimension/tones, and no run off. Clean applications in every way possible! Make your hair stand out. Support your local stylist!


I've kind of slowed down on wedding work. I keep most of my business within the confines of my studio now to give myself a little more work/life balance. However, I definitely make the exception for those who have supported me and/or have been close to me over the years.

Late May, I was invited as a guest to my friend/client, Melanie's wedding. I did her hair color in my studio, and gave her on location hair and makeup services for her big day. She let me off the hook for doing the rest of her bridal party, and was able to hire outside resources to take care of everyone. 

As a stylist/friend I'm often asked to do weddings that I'm also invited to, so this was a great way to be apart of her big day, while still being able to relax and celebrate with her friends and family. Mel is also the only bride I've ever had that requested "no eye-liner," as if my "work-day" already couldn't get any easier! haha Not to mention the theme was a nod to "Lord of Rings," so whimsical ashy-toned hair and polished natural makeup had my name all over it.

It meant a lot to be apart of something so monumental for her so i couldn't help but share some of the photos.

Photo Credit: Charly Rosemary, Instagram: @charlyrosemary, Website:


Earlier this month I taught my first hair and makeup classes at the Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School located in Jessup, Maryland! I'm really glad I took on this experience because it made me realize how much I enjoy sharing my own experiences and knowledge with others. I also believe that there is something to learn from everyone so by connecting with Jessup's future cosmetologists I feel as if I've opened up some new opportunities/career relationships for myself. 

The morning class got to see me demo a basic full-face makeup application. We briefly discussed the basic types of brushes, their functions, and the motions used when applying various makeup mediums to get the perfect application. Everyone was able to chime in on today's popular trends in makeup, focusing on the trends we love, the trends that drive us crazy, and knowing your client well enough to deliver an application they can personally fall in love with. 

This group was a lot of fun, and I even gained a couple of assistants out of the experience. I was so pleasantly shocked to have so many people be engaged and wanting to learn more. Days after teaching this class, my new friend Mina, even came to my studio to help me with some of my regular clients! 

***If you are a student that has e-mailed me about assisting, I work Wednesday-Saturday 1-8pm, feel free to stop by during those hours, you don't need to schedule ahead of time, but feel free to shoot me an e-mail the day of or the night before you're coming in to confirm***

My evening class at Paul Mitchell Jessup, was an impromptu color class! We had a student from the morning class offer to model for the night class. So from there we switched from makeup to color - (since color work is more of where my career is currently based). We used all Paul Mitchell POP XG tones to create a dimensional pink (BORDEAUX, PINK, & PEACHY KEEN) on her previously blonded hair. 

During this session we talked about working at a salon vs. working for yourself. We discussed hair coloring nightmares and fail stories. I also shared my own techniques and color placement choices, while incorporating the tones that were already present in her hair. Everyone was super helpful by letting me borrow their tools, and helping me rinse my model's hair. I made a lot of connections during this class as well. A small group stayed behind to talk more when the class was over so we were able to get a photo.

Thanks for having me PM Jessup! This was a first for me, and you couldn't have been more inviting. I graduated from a Paul Mitchell School myself, and I remember having to sit and listen to others speak when they came to visit the school. It was extremely surreal to be on the other end, I hope to come back in the future!


I'm insanely in love with my color-happy clients that are willing to try and explore new territory! However, there are a few things my clients need to know before lighting up!

EVERYONE'S PATH IS DIFFERENT: So many factors go into how long it will take you to reach your end result of being a blonde, or if you even can! Different factors will also affect the price. Beneath I've listed a few things to consider if you want to be blonde, platinum, or fashion colored, as they all require the same steps. I do a consultation at the beginning of every appointment, but this should cover a lot of questions!

  • HENNA, if you have any trace of henna hair color in your hair, blonde is not an option. Henna color is a natural dye that never leaves the hair and reacts with chemicals. The only way to get rid of henna is to grow it out/cut it off. When lightener is applied to henna colored hair, the hair will generally turn a green/blue color, and shred. Why do I bring this up when most clients have never even heard of henna hair color? Because henna is unknowingly easily accessible! Today, it's trendy to buy anything "organic" or "all-natural," that's why henna has found it's way into your favorite stores! There's a higher demand than ever for natural alternatives! Henna is sold at 'LUSH COSMETICS' located in most local shopping malls. I found this out the hard way by landing a henna client right in my chair. The workers at the store are not stylists, and can easily feed you the wrong information. What they don't tell you is once you've used henna, you're married to it. So if you've colored your hair with anything from  'LUSH' or any organics shop/online boutique  go find out what you exactly put on your head before setting up an appointment.
  • -TEXTURE/DENSITY: Naturally, is your hair thick like a guitar string, or baby fine? Maybe you fall somewhere in between? The thickness of your individual strands have a lot to do with how much power is needed to lift your hair. Power, meaning the aggressiveness of your lightener, and/or the amount of times it takes to lift your hair. The thicker the hair, the more amount of POWER that is needed to lift your hair to blonde. ALSO, The more POWER that is needed, the more easily damage can ensue. And, how much hair do you have per square inch? The more hair you have, the longer amount of time it will take to properly get the lightener all over your head. The more time you spend in the salon, the higher the cost. If you have a high density of thick hair, chances are you will spend a large amount of time in the chair just getting your lightener applied. You will also most likely go through more bowls of lightener since you have more hair. AANNNDDDD if you truly have stubborn hair, thick, or deeply dense colored hair, your monthly maintenance retouches will look a lot more like a correction, and not a touch-up. Texture and density can help give you a better idea of what your path to blonde will look like. 

-LEVEL/TONE: How dark or light is your hair? Is it more naturally warm or ashy? The darker your hair, the more levels you need to break through to reach blonde. If you are naturally a low level blonde, you can usually reach a brighter blonde with easier success. However, if you begin with black/brown hair you're going to have to go through more of a journey when trying to reach high levels of blonde. Each part of your blonde journey will involve your stylist counteracting the underlying pigments. This is why you see people who go blonde have red, orange, and yellow tones throughout their hair during the process. Therefore, when you say you want to avoid the "brass stage" that's virtually impossible sometimes, but a good stylist will tone the best they can to make the transition manageable. If your hair is naturally warm, even blondes can pull deep shocking yellows because of the lightener simply uncovering the natural underlying tone/pigment. So if your hair is dark and warm...BUCKLE UP!

-PREVIOUSLY COLORED HAIR: oooooooooooooooo. -__- If you are already my client, you know how much I try to avoid pigmenting hair permanently with darker color. Anytime you deposit something into your hair "permanently" you've added another layer/obstacle to fight when trying to alter your hair from that point. Removing past pigment creates more of that brass and warmth most people don't like to see when going blonde. It also requires more energy to remove, which takes more time, can cause more damage, and make your hair more unpredictable. It's hard to put a time stamp on how long it will take to go blonde when you need to remove previous pigment. "At-home dyes" (BOX COLOR) tend to be the trickiest to remove, so think twice before you want to try something by yourself! It might cost your more money later.

AT HOME CARE: If you choose to go blonde, your wallet needs to be ready. You're not only committed to salon costs, but the at-home care that is REQUIRED to be blonde, especially if you've identified yourself as someone who might require more time/POWER to go blonde. "Violet Shampoo" will help kick brass out in between appointments. If you are transitioning to blonde, have a violet toned shampoo lined up and ready to use! The more times you use it in a row, the more it will build up in the hair and ash it out. Also, you NEED treatments and conditioners! You HAVE to use salon certified treatments and conditioners. I don't care what some "beauty blogger" bought as apart of their 'top drug store buys.' As a stylist and professional, I am telling you there is a major difference! Those drug store products can often leave residue and strip your hair of natural moisture/oils while depositing synthetic artificial build-up. If you're already putting your hair through stress, layering those products on top will only make it worse. My favorite products for at home care currently are rebonding treatments such as "Olaplex #3" and "Uberliss Amplifier." JUST PUTTING IT ON THE RECORD, AT HOME CARE IS REQUIRED!

  • TIMING/MONEY: If you're committed to being blonde, you better be ready to spend some time and cash. Most people will not be blonde in a 2-2 1/2 hour appointment. If you are transitioning your hair color, it is considered a "color correction." If I pick up every piece of hair on your head it is considered a "color correction." If your hair requires me to sift through every layer just to pick out the dark pieces it is considered a "color correction." Balayage/Ombre appointments add dimension, you still retain a large amount of natural/base during those appointments. Not all of the hair receives lightener. "Balayage/ombre" appointments only take 2-2 1/2 hours. That is what sets them apart from a "color correction." The more hair being covered or sifted through requires more bowls of lightener. If you include uberliss or olaplex rebonders in your lightener, then each bowl you've accumulated in the process has also added more money to the base price. If you require more than one toner, you've upped that price again. Its important to keep in mind it will probably take more than one appointment for most to achieve the desired tone. On average, one color correction appointment costs between $330-$600, not including tip. And that price is actually quite forgiving as they usually average about 4 hours long. This is NOT a guaranteed price, I'm often asked this question by potential clients so I'm doing my best to give you all a ball park idea. BUT BASICALLY, MORE TIME + MORE PRODUCT USAGE = MORE MONEY.







I'm so excited to share the Fashion Segment of Baltimore Magazine's March 2017 Issue. This series of photos combines this year's Spring fashion trends with a tribute to, Baltimore film legend, John Waters,' film "Pink Flamingos." When I got the call to participate as the hair and makeup artist for this shoot I couldn't contain myself. Being able to channel some of film's unique trends while incorporating the efforts and styling of the editors, along with the overall vision from the art director really made for an eclectic set of amazing editorial photos. 

Some additional images/looks will be added to the online version of the magazine that will be released at a later date. Hope you enjoy!


East Coast Paul Mitchell social media publishers took some of the looks I've created and made bite-sized inspiration/product boards to help achieve and vibe my looks of 2017! These posts can be seen on @paulmitchelleast 's instagram.

So excited to share some of the print work I have coming out at the end of this month! Stay tuned  for my most recent magazine editorial spread!


I've been fortunate enough to remain insanely busy this new year, but because of that, I haven't kept up with the gracious sites that repost and feature my work. Here's my most recent mention from, @behindthechair - the number one social media and hair magazine, featuring this pink rooted platinum.