My clients often ask me what they should be using at home to maintain their hair color and health. Below I've highlighted a few of my favorite products that I believe make a radical difference. PLEASE make sure you're buying reputable products from reputable sites. Make sure you're ordering directly from the source and not a third party. 

  • CELEB LUXURY VIRAL SHAMPOO & NATURAL TONE DEPOSIT SHAMPOOS. Perfect for maintaining color and tones between appointments. Toners are semi & demi permanent so if you're not making salon appointments every 4-6 weeks on the dot, you need a product to help maintain the richness of your color. Fashion tones need even more help! Porosity and at-home care greatly effects how long a fashion tone exists. I encourage every client with a fashion tone to invest in a color shampoo.
  • FRAMESI : COLOR LOVER. Violet toning shampoo. If you're the client who can't stand brass you NEED this product. This is a life force for ash blondes. Also, if you are transitioning to blonde it builds up in your hair as you use it overtime and cuts the warm tones so they aren't as vibrant. However, it's still important to use intense conditioners and switch off every now and then with a health based shampoo.
  • OLAPLEX NO.3. This product is the best for an extreme turn around. I've seen this treatment bring broken hair back to life. I recommend this for everyone, but especially those who color treat and lighten their hair. This is a product you can invest in and 100% see the results. Its a professional product that consumers can buy and use at home.  
  • PAUL MITCHELL MARULA OIL. I love using this on dry and/or color treated clients. Not totally recommended for people who get oily easily, but I would just advise focusing it on the ends of your hair. When you've used keratin or moisture products but feel like your shampoos and conditioners are falling short this might be a great option for you. This product radically changed my own hair, and I felt the difference.

Be sure to treat yourself! Your hair is an investment!