I have had a very long, but productive past two weeks. I spent many nights working late, prepping for weddings, and then working them. In the past 9 days I've worked three on top of working in the studio. Everyone who hired me for on location services these past two weeks took really good care of me. You all are the best, I'm #sofortunate !

Typically, I do not do upstyle/bridal hair. I only freelance my makeup services in order to stay sane and keep my hair supplies at work. Therefore, for weddings I purely book on a makeup basis. However, I made an exception for a bride with unfortunate circumstances this past week. Featured in these photos are a couple of highlights from the past three weddings I worked. All of the photos taken from the front are makeup applications I did. The photo taken from the back of the head is an updo.

For me, it's important to show you all the "real" makeup photos in whatever lighting is provided at the location. Find an artist that fits your needs and puts up an honest front, and you will get the results you're looking for. XX say no to airbrush apps! XX