I've kind of slowed down on wedding work. I keep most of my business within the confines of my studio now to give myself a little more work/life balance. However, I definitely make the exception for those who have supported me and/or have been close to me over the years.

Late May, I was invited as a guest to my friend/client, Melanie's wedding. I did her hair color in my studio, and gave her on location hair and makeup services for her big day. She let me off the hook for doing the rest of her bridal party, and was able to hire outside resources to take care of everyone. 

As a stylist/friend I'm often asked to do weddings that I'm also invited to, so this was a great way to be apart of her big day, while still being able to relax and celebrate with her friends and family. Mel is also the only bride I've ever had that requested "no eye-liner," as if my "work-day" already couldn't get any easier! haha Not to mention the theme was a nod to "Lord of Rings," so whimsical ashy-toned hair and polished natural makeup had my name all over it.

It meant a lot to be apart of something so monumental for her so i couldn't help but share some of the photos.

Photo Credit: Charly Rosemary, Instagram: @charlyrosemary, Website: charlyrosemary.com