Lime Crime Makeup came out with their own line of hair color called, "Unicorn Hair."

After being contacted by one of their representatives through e-mail, I was immediately shipped their new color line before the launch to test and promote. 

My thoughts: I do like the line. None of my clients experienced irritation and I had no trouble removing pigment stains upon my clients returning after their first test run. Interestingly enough, some colors retained a 6-8 week life span. SOME of the colors. Other tones, like bunny, are so faint, beautiful, but barely a deposit. Therefore, barely a lifespan. The colors are interchangeable and it has a decent consistency. 

I also want to point out that this hair color is available to everyone/anyone. This is not a professional line. Most people are unaware that certain states have been trying to deregulate cosmetology licenses. Anyone who does hair knows how ridiculous a ban on license regulation would be, and the ripple effect it would have on clients. I made this video to not only promote lime crime, but to also show consumers what is possible if you take your lime crime color to your stylist, instead of just plopping it on your own head. (We've all seen the do-it-yourself videos, don't be a victim) No mess, clean walls, no splatter, all of the dimension/tones, and no run off. Clean applications in every way possible! Make your hair stand out. Support your local stylist!