Earlier this month I taught my first hair and makeup classes at the Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School located in Jessup, Maryland! I'm really glad I took on this experience because it made me realize how much I enjoy sharing my own experiences and knowledge with others. I also believe that there is something to learn from everyone so by connecting with Jessup's future cosmetologists I feel as if I've opened up some new opportunities/career relationships for myself. 

The morning class got to see me demo a basic full-face makeup application. We briefly discussed the basic types of brushes, their functions, and the motions used when applying various makeup mediums to get the perfect application. Everyone was able to chime in on today's popular trends in makeup, focusing on the trends we love, the trends that drive us crazy, and knowing your client well enough to deliver an application they can personally fall in love with. 

This group was a lot of fun, and I even gained a couple of assistants out of the experience. I was so pleasantly shocked to have so many people be engaged and wanting to learn more. Days after teaching this class, my new friend Mina, even came to my studio to help me with some of my regular clients! 

***If you are a student that has e-mailed me about assisting, I work Wednesday-Saturday 1-8pm, feel free to stop by during those hours, you don't need to schedule ahead of time, but feel free to shoot me an e-mail the day of or the night before you're coming in to confirm***

My evening class at Paul Mitchell Jessup, was an impromptu color class! We had a student from the morning class offer to model for the night class. So from there we switched from makeup to color - (since color work is more of where my career is currently based). We used all Paul Mitchell POP XG tones to create a dimensional pink (BORDEAUX, PINK, & PEACHY KEEN) on her previously blonded hair. 

During this session we talked about working at a salon vs. working for yourself. We discussed hair coloring nightmares and fail stories. I also shared my own techniques and color placement choices, while incorporating the tones that were already present in her hair. Everyone was super helpful by letting me borrow their tools, and helping me rinse my model's hair. I made a lot of connections during this class as well. A small group stayed behind to talk more when the class was over so we were able to get a photo.

Thanks for having me PM Jessup! This was a first for me, and you couldn't have been more inviting. I graduated from a Paul Mitchell School myself, and I remember having to sit and listen to others speak when they came to visit the school. It was extremely surreal to be on the other end, I hope to come back in the future!