I recently worked on the Baltimore Magazine fall fashion issue, applying several editorial makeup applications to this year's gorgeous model. I'm really excited to see how these images translate after all of the post production work is finalized and published. 


I will also be featured in the Contributors section in the October issue of the magazine, where I talk a little about myself and the work that went into this shoot. It's been amazing developing a great relationship with this magazine. I'm so grateful for all of the opportunities and jobs they have sent my way. It constantly reaffirms how important it is to constantly put your work out there. Take the extra time to document and share your best work as an artist. I was able to begin this part of my career because a beauty editor at the magazine reached out to me after seeing my Instagram and voting me into the 'Best of Baltimore.' Being humble, working hard to elevate others, and documenting that work is so important for branding and scaling business in a real life way.